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ERA (Enhanced Recognition Algorithms) - Picture Translation
Established in 1989, ERA develops
and integrates smart  tools  for  image enhancements, damaged text reconstruction, and improvements of 
text-recognition processes.

ERA is also the distributor in Israel of the famous language-translation systems by SYSTRAN SOFTWARE Inc., and it adds nowdays the language-translation option to its offered systems.

While supplying solutions to several large scale projects in Israel, for text recognition and retrieval of poorly printed documents - ERA developed unique technologies and products:

Automatic detection and enhancement of text and pictures within any page (ERA's WisePage TM, version 2.0 algorithms), integrated into the process of optical scanning. It takes advantage of gray-scale information, before binarizing any scanned image portion, to detect and preserve pictures, while cleaning text zones from background colours and shades and reconstructing broken-characters.

Trainable OCR, specifically designed to recognize non-standard signs, damaged characters and ancient fonts, including traditional Rashi, vowelized Hebrew and mixed Hebrew-English texts.

A developer's kit for automatic smart processing of scanned documents. It detects complex column-structures in any page, while cleaning any background colours and shades. It activates leading OCR-engines in various languages via a unified interface and outputs enhanced recognized-text.

A new package that includes a powerful high-end multi-lingual OCR interface as well as a sample end-user interface. It integrates several ERA's technologies (WisePage, WiseOCR) and additional algorithms to output optimized text-recognition for high volumes of documents.

Worldwide implementations of ERA's technologies:
1. Caere (a leading OCR company, now owned by ScanSoft Inc, who already purchased several other leading OCR companies) licensed the basic version of ERA's WisePageTM (version 1.0), to improve scanned image quality in its OCR product WordScan-PlusTM .
2. Comverse licensed ERA's WiseOCR for its fax handling system.

Among ERA's customers in Israel: MOD, Governmental agencies, National archives (IDF, "Ben-Gurion", The Holocaust Memorial Institute -"Yad-Vashem"), Comverse, Koor Communications, Universities, Teva Pharmaceutics Industries, Israel Aircraft Industries, Merav Publishing Industries, BEZEQ, IOTA Industries, DBS Computers, XEROX Israel.


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